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Timmer Blakely - Owner, Producer, A&R rep

Paula Empting - Artist Liaison, Travel Coordinator, Booking rep

Chad Rupp - Producer, A&R rep

Lighting In A Bottle records is a tool created by Timmer Blakely in 2021 to distribute, market, and mentor blues artists who possess a specific degree of talent, skill, ambition, passion, and character. We are focused on creating and recording original blues and related music and bringing these artists to a larger audience. As an organization, we are committed to creating an atmosphere of positivity, cooperation, support, and guidance for all of our artists to thrive in. 


We believe that the future of blues will ultimately be found in the next generation of young blues musicians. That is why we have a strong focus on younger blues artists with the goal of shaving decades off of their learning curve through guidance and mentoring, and opening up opportunities for their growth and advancement beyond what they would normally have access to. Our “Artist In Development” program aligns up coming musicians who aren’t ready to release an album but still demonstrate the properties we seek, with our artists to advance and develop their abilities, and provide professional growth opportunities.


LIAB records also helps to facilitate fund raising for these artists, when needed. All of our artists own full rights to all of their music. LIAB records only takes 15% of records and merch sold online through the LIAB records web site. We take nothing from sales that the artists facilitate themselves. Our agreements with our artists are non exclusive and they are encouraged to sell and stream their music anywhere they can. We work hard to find events and opportunities for our artists to maximize their exposure, and release their recordings to the largest audience possible. And we believe that collectively, we can make a stronger impact than individually.


Our current roster line up includes

The Mick Schafer Band

The Sugar Roots

The Sunshine Boys

Johnny Wheels and the Swamp Donkeys

The Andrew Matthews Band

TJ Wong

Josh "Powder" Makosky 

Cameron Graalum (artist in development)

Alec Donn (artist in development)

Jason Yelton


The Mick Schafer Band (Back To The Blues) and The Sugar Roots (Savage’s Life), and Johnny Wheels and the Swamp Donkeys (Keep On Pushin') currently have albums released on Lightning In
A Bottle records available in the "store".

Thanks for joining the team!

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