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GeminiiDragon, the Louisiana  based vocalist, has established herself as a fiery banshee who blurs the lines of Blues, Rock and Soul and pays homage to both the old and the new. By having one foot in the past, the other foot in the present, all the while mentally exploring the future, she brings a whole new perspective to roots music. Comparisons to KoKo Taylor, Mavis Staples and Tina Turner aside. GeminiiDragon has established herself as a fierce vocalist with a smoky tone and a rich tapestry of textures that evoke visual images and mental emotions of the songs she's singing.

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GeminiiDRAGON's latest single 'WASTED TIME' from her upcoming album '3' will be out February 1, 2024 on Lightning In A Bottle Records.

The song 'WASTED TIME' is a powerful anthemic jaunt that blends her usual enigmatic vocals with the very Blues tinged Rock that has sparked the fire that is GeminiiDRAGON.


"I just enjoy writing songs that I think can reach people and relay what they're feeling every day, I'm a Joe Public just like the next person and I want to write my experiences just like the next person." says GeminiiDRAGON. The song is just the beginning of a new journey for the singer who is stretching the bounds of what Blues and Rock means to her. 'WASTED TIME' is just the tip of the iceberg for this amazing singer and performer.


Her debut album "Fighting Fire with Fire", released in 2022, was received well by critics and radio stations worldwide. Immediately after they recognized the potential of the project, She and her production team went to the drawing board to figure what they could do next to expand on her sound. The next collection entitled EQUINOX (independently released in 2023) was the validation of those efforts.


EQUINOX is traditionally defined as the time when the plane of Earth's equator passes through the geometric center of the Sun's disk. GeminiiDragon's EQUINOX is something similar but it is all based on her music passing through the center of the minds and ears of music listeners across the planet. The 10 song 2023 release perfectly reflects her wide range of musical influences, ranging from traditional blues legends, to genre transitioning masters like Jimi Hendrix, to classic rock pioneers like Joan Jett and her band The Runaways.

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