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The Andrew Matthews Band

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Based out of Portland OR, The Andrew Matthews Band's unique interpretation of blues rock is burning down the west coast. The Lightning In A Bottle Records release of his debut album "Troubled Child" at the '23 Waterfront Blues Festival sent sparks flying through out the PNW blues community. Well received by reviewers, radio stations, and live music audiences, the CD has shown good numbers in all categories.

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In 2018, Andrew Matthews entered the live music scene under the wing of acclaimed blues guitarist and singer Robbie Laws at the Trail’s End Saloon in Oregon City, OR.

Later that year in Portland, a seed was sown by the prolific modern bluesman Davy Knowles when he gave Matthews the opportunity to jam at a sound check for the “Band of Friends: A celebration of Rory Gallagher”- the legendary Irish blues rock guitarist and singer.


Knowles kindly handed his guitar, a replica of Rory Gallagher’s iconic ‘61 Fender Stratocaster to the then 15 year old, and Matthews sent musical sparks flying onstage with Rory’s former bandmates and world class rhythm section: Gerry McAvoy and Ted McKenna.

Thanks to Davy Knowles, the Band of Friends and the music of Rory Gallagher, Andrew Matthews since that night understands the essential elements of exciting and engaging live music.


Rory’s blues rock legacy will remain a musical spice and significant influence in his guitar work.

Andrew’s rising talent was discovered in 2020 by legendary rock and roll photographer, Robert M. Knight. For 2021, he was accepted into the PRS Guitars Pulse Artist program.

At age 18, Andrew Matthews is currently a student of virtuoso guitarist Jennifer Batten (veteran lead guitarist of multiple Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck world tours.) Andrew is also among the first of Batten’s students attending the new Guitar Cloud Symposium live online instruction.

Early in 2022, he signed an artist development deal with Lightning In A Bottle Records and was interviewed by the Cascade Blues Organization.

Presently, he leads the Andrew Matthews Band, plays guitar in a Rolling Stones tribute band and teaches guitar privately.

He has multiple original music projects in progress, including his debut album, and projects through membership in Beyond Music co-founded by Tina Turner for international cross-genre collaboratoin.

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