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The Johnny Wheels and the Swamp Donkeys

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The Johnny Wheels Band will be dropping a new album of all original music on the Lightning In A Bottle record label 7/30/22 at the LIAB records blues festival in Mulino OR. Produced by Jimi Bott, Johnny Wheels, and Brandon Logan, work on the album began mid 21’ at Jimi’s Roseleaf Studios. The album will include 9 original tunes written by Johnny and the band. You can also expect appearances from some high profile special guests on the album. In addition to producing, Jimi Bott plays drums on the recording, Steve Kerin on keys, and Joe McCarthy on trumpet.

To offset some of the expenses related to finishing the album, the band will be seeking donations from their fans. An estimated $3,500 will the the goal in the fund raising process. LIAB records will be setting up donation portals to assist the band in this process. 100% of all money (minus credit card/PayPal fees) raised via the LIAB donation portals will go towards the bands album. Self financing will allow the band to retain full ownership of, and rights to their album. Donors can expect the portals to be available by 4/21/22. They will be in the store at LIAB records and the Johnny Wheels band will be offering a free download of the bands single “Lovers With The Blues” to anyone who makes a donation via the LIAB donation portals.

In 2021, the Johnny Wheels band single ”Lovers With The Blues” was featured in the award winning indie movie “Lorelei”.


Based out of Willamina OR, Johnny Wheels and his band have been a Pacific Northwest favorite for years. In 2019, Johnny and the band competed in the Blues Foundation’s International Blues Challenge and made it through to the finals. One month later, the world shut down due to COVID. Their 2022 festival line up will include a main stage appearance at the Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland OR the weekend of July 4th, 2022.


You can find out everything you need to know about Johnny and his band at the official Johnny Wheels Band website.

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