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TSR gives second free all star track download to each portal donor

The second track from The Sugar Roots new album, "Savage's Life", is now officially released.

"Rain Checkin'" is a tribute to Lloyd Jones and his influence can be felt in every part of this song. Lloyd is featured on guitar in this track along with Chris Mercer on alto and tenor sax and Joe McCarthy on trumpet. You can hear the historic funk in this cut.

As a thank you, LIAB records will give a free download of The Sugar Roots new song "Rain Checkin'", to anyone who contributes to TSR IBC fund through the donation portals.

TSR's first single release, the title track "Savage's Life" is now availble for download as a single in the LIAB music storefor $1.00. All proceeds from this single will go towards The Sugar Roots IBC fund.

The Sugar Roots has won the Cascade Blues Association's "Journey to Memphis", making them the designated representatives in the Blues Foundation's 22' "International Blues Challenge".

Transportation and lodging expenses for the band are expected to be around $12,000. These donations will help to offset the bands costs related to this trip.

You can donate more than once.

100% of donation money received will go directly to the band to cover these expenses.

Go to to make a contribution.


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